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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

George Norry Interviews Alex Ansary about Solar Flares

COAST TO COAST AM June 25, 2019. Founding Outside the Box TV in Portland, Oregon in 2004, Alex Ansary, presents alternative programming on topics ranging from the supernatural influence over human affairs to geopolitics. In the first half, he discussed the sun's effect on human consciousness and spiritual transformations, and cycles of wars. email:

Reach out if you are near Colorado, or New Mexico or if you would like to help.

How YOU Can Help Me Survive the New Financial Depression on Youtube

Alex Ansary, Outside the Box TV - July 16th 2019

Im honored to be able to reach more of the world with my message about the solar cycles and the connection to both the evolution of human consciousness as well as cycles of conflicts or wars. As we prepare to enter challenging times, my hope is that my research can be applied to helping the most people.

As a result of speaking freely about a great number of topics including many things deemed 'controversial', my work has found itself buried under the new algorithm. A video about the solar cycles uploaded last week barely reached 80 views and this is after the interview with Coast to Coast AM. What is behind this sharp decline in viewership and organic grassroots engagement & support?
I personally made a statement on my channel that I would curtail other content in order to make way for more focus on the solar sciences, articulating my unique perspectives while writing longer essays to go with the recent videos. Some support has dropped as youtube cracks down in strange synchronized timing. As new people find my content that have a special taste and appreciation for my unique ideas, you should know at least some of the challenges that I have faced and how you can help the message grow.

For starters, I need to at least double the current levels of support at I would like to achieve a goal of 500 dollars a month in public support in order to keep my focus on the topic full time. In the meantime, I will be seeking out day labor options to make up for the shortfall, as youtube is no longer providing me with any income with my current view counts.
I've seen too many signs I'm on the right path even if some of the ideas aren't understood by much of society. I believe that world events, even those happening within a month of the show, confirm the patterns of peace and war tied to the changes in the Sun that I spoke of on the show. I think it's more important for me to expand my thoughts on the solar effects and to curtail other commentaries that are not directly related even if the core current audience pulls elements of support from financial to moral. This is a time in which I seek a sense of community more than ever than supports my ideas maturing and reaching the most people.

Other ways of help could come in the form of employment in the right place in media (or something else related to sharing this knowledge) as living full time off the grid limits my growth and even youtube progress. Coast to Coast AM has given me the option of returning on a regular basis with short updates like other regulars but this would require a land line. I would need to move for that or be near friends with landlines. Im currently living too remote and functioning without community or allies in the region. Money was invested in a hotel for the night of the show so that I could get on the air with a landline.

I have given some thought to the idea of traveling to parts of the US if the finances make themselves available or other human help. This includes volunteers to help me organize many things including the editing and publishing of a new edition of my book on our Sun. I cannot stress enough how the new algorithm has buried my own ability to reach my own followers on facebook, twitter and youtube. While my channel about 17k subscribers, the viewer engagement reflects 1 percent and far less for support. Can you help me survive this wave?

Will humans organize together to prevent the machine and AI from hiding our work as the future approaches?

Please consider joining either or both as well as my own video alternative to youtube at where members support the platform at 5.95 per month. There are some things now best left off youtube and google for reasons that have become obvious. I can lower the price slightly if we see a boost in support on this on demand video platform.
You can also use Western Union (email me) or paypal which is Also feel free if to reach out if you are in the Colorado or New Mexico area!

To reach out directly right now, email Thank you for your time and be sure to already be subscribed to youtube here as well as the newsletter on the website.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019