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Friday, December 25, 2009

What Happens Above Still Affects our Lives Below

Under close examination of why I feel at times like I'm losing my mind, and ability to balance my emotional state....here is the first ever ALEX ANSARY 5:03AM astrology report:

First of all, as much as I've always disliked hearing people blaming unpleasant circumstances in their lives on Mercury Retrograde, I must say that the timing of it is well...very timely indeed. The current cycle at time of writing takes place between Dec 25th 2009 and Jan 16th 2009.

Here's a basic description of Mercury Retrograde:

In 2009, Mercury retrogrades four times, starting the retrograde in air signs then going back into earth signs. The change in mental attitudes, information and perceptions are going to go back to review the earth aspects, which means that we will be changing and adjusting our thinking and re-organizing an important area of our life. Because 2009 is universally an ELEVEN / TWO year (in numerology), this Mercury retrograde process becomes important in the major adjustments as we move into relationships and shifting our journey with others coming and others going. Partnerships in different areas of our lives become the theme and the area of adjustments all the way through 2009. Important to our new journey are those that share a common path, we can walk along the road together toward specific goals, accomplishments and purpose. Mercury retrograde provides the opportunity to adjust our thoughts, attitudes and communications about our direction.

Relationships can be very strange and complicated. I've heard of lots of breakups recently and I personally feel like breaking up with the world and all it's people, getting on my spaceship and going back to wherever this soul originated from.

What this website has to say about VENUS is interesting:

It reads:

"The planet Venus is the ruler of love on Earth. When Venus changes signs in the zodiac, the rules in the game of love change as well. After a few weeks in passionate Scorpio, Venus is moving into Sagittarius. This is a sign of adventure, optimism and breaking free of commitments. Knowing where this planet is can allow you to plan ahead on what to wear and how to behave when you are out and about. When you work with Venus energy, attracting the right partner is made so much easier. When you understand that your place in the universe is determined by your zodiac sign, you can benefit from timing your outfits and attitude to coincide with the location of Venus in the heavens."

This time frame is between Dec 1 and Dec 25.

In my most recent experience with the opposite sex, the passion and mutual attraction was higher early in the month in a variety of ways, now I feel this energy coming in that's hindering that close connection and I wouldn't be surprised if it's all over. I also find that I'm having trouble communicating my thoughts fully. This is larger than romance of course. Its really about ALL relationships, communications, and connections with others in our lives....

Ok - Now let's dry those tears and lets move on to:


That peaked on the 16th of Dec so we must be feeling some of the aftershocks.

Here's the description from this website:

Saturn will enter Libra at the end of this month and will form a square to Pluto that will closely align in early November, just in time to see this frightening movie about the end of all civilizations on earth which is being released on November 13. Coincidentally, the exact square from Saturn to Pluto peaks on the 15th.When the Lord of Karma (Saturn) and and the Lord of Death (Pluto) collide t can shake people up. The last time they met was between August and November of 2001 and you might remember the events that occurred then. Certainly there was change and fear ruled the land. Their previous meeting in 1973 and 1974 was less eventful, but the opening square of Saturn to Pluto in 1982 resulted in widespread economic recession, and the opposition of Saturn to Pluto in 2005 which included Uranus was also quite powerful and created some major changes.

Additional shift I am experiencing and possibly some of you as well:

If you are between 28-30 OR 57-59 OR 86-88, you ALREADY have your plate full because you are going through SATURN RETURN.

Discover what that is by clicking here.


Last week a huge sun spot took place that is seven times the size of Earth!

Read about the "1035" sun spot here. The article claims a stream of energy burst toward earth.

Any idea how this can affect our planet and our moods?

In my Feb 25, 2009 article on sunspots that made it to Nexus Magazine, I detail possible effects of the sun here.

There is more information to be found here and here. (NOTE: We are currently in solar minimum. Activity is expected to peak between 2012 and 2013. NASA claims this next cycle will be 30-50 times greater than the last cycle.)

From the article linked above:

. Historically, research has been conducted to link the 11 year cycle of the sun to changes in human behavior and society. The most famous research had been done by professor A.L. Tchijevsky, a Russian scientist, who presented a paper to the American Meteorological Society at Philadelphia in the late 19th century. He prepared a study of the history of mass human movement compared to the solar cycle, beginning with the division of the Solar cycle into four parts: 1) Minimum sunspot activity; 2) increasing sunspot activity; 3) maximum sunspot activity; 4) Decreasing sunspot activity. He then divided up the agitation of mass human movements into five phases:

1) provoking influence of leaders upon masses

2) the “exciting” effect of emphasized ideas upon the masses

3) the velocity of incitability due to the presence of a single psychic center

4) the extensive areas covered by mass movements

5) Integration and individualization of the masses

By these comparisons he constructed an “Index of Mass Human Excitability” covering each year from 500 B.C. to 1922 A.D. He investigated the histories of 72 countries in that period, noting signs of human unrest such as wars, revolutions, riots, expeditions and migrations, plus the number of humans involved. Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant events occurred during the years of maximum sunspot activity. He maintained that the “exciting” period may be explained by an acute change in the nervous and psychic character of humanity, which takes place at sunspot maximum.

Tchijevsky discovered that the solar minimum is the lag period when repression is tolerated by the masses, as if they lacked the vital energy to make the needed changes. He found that during the sunspot maximum, the movement of humans is also at its peak.

That is all I have for now. All this is happening as the New World Order merchants of death are dangling a knife over our country and the future is highly uncertain which is straining our emotions greatly, more so for people like myself that are extra sensitive. Things for me are very challenging these days on a emotional/social/spiritual/psychological level. However, I'm aware that the reality I'm living in is not actually in hell, at times only the perception of it. So obviously the route I've chosen to take is to look closer for answers as to why I feel the way I do.

There is something going on affecting us all.

Stay strong and powerful friends. Knowledge is power. But wisdom is sweeter and even more attractive now.


Monday, December 14, 2009


We are viewing reality through a telescope. This telescope is our body. We were never born. We just are consciousness, looking through the lens. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

It's about perception.

Lets use a brick as an example.

Your standing their looking at the brink

and you take ten steps back its a house

step back again its a neighborhood

step back far back enough its the planet

step back some more your in another part of the solar system

It's about the point of observation.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You can't run from who you are

A lot of people over the years have asked me what I do for fun or if I ever just relax and unwind. The very fact that I am being asked this question indicates how people assume that the calling that I have answered and the lifestyle I have chosen to live is bringing me pain.

Although my voice may sound stressed from time to time as I alert the masses that our way of life is under attack by forces from within our own government, it doesn't necessarily mean that my serenity has been harmed. The reality of the situation is that the country is falling apart at the seams and the stakes are high. The very awareness of the situation isn't something that you just turn off nor should you. That would dangerous. That would be irresponsible. You might even regret it.. for a very long time.

The reality is people on this planet are here for a reason and they come in to this reality with a particular understanding of reality and their connection to the rest of humanity and the universe. Everyone has their own unique understanding that is uniquely theirs for whatever reason.

There are three basic factors that make up the individual psyche / personality in ha human body.

1.) The knowledge and history of the soul / spirit inhabiting a body

2. ) Cellular memory and the connection to the biological past - our ancestors (lifestyles, sexuality, spirituality, ritual, pleasures, challenges, fears, survival needs)

3.) External environment: Humans naturally conform in a variety of ways to their immediate environment via culture, language, behavior, etc.

There may be certain goals or accomplishments they need to achieve in this lifetime or hurdles that they are here to overcome. Although we are all one in a sense, we still are individuals here to learn unique things that hopefully will help us evolve to the next level.

I have awoken to the reality that I am working here on this planet for a higher purpose that many do not and cannot at this time comprehend because they are on different paths and possess different karma. Fortunately, I have woken up to what my life path is and mission. For me that puts me at ease, not disease. Lack of direction and understanding of where and who we are creates disease or lack of ease with ourselves.

I see the social and spiritual disease within our society sometimes every hour of every day The word "surreal" comes to mind for a situation where finding the words to describe the scene are not easy to come by. The characters in this theater of life that I live in seem more prepared to star as zombies in a movie like 'Night of the Living Dead' than anything that might be perceived as normal or sane. The increasingly acute aawareness of the dumbed down zombie masses around me is activated when I walk down the street, through the park, alongside the waterfront, inside the supermarkets, the malls, the schools, the buses. It's as if I can feel their mind control software programs bouncing off the walls and off of me. At times these places where the masses gather appear to be nothing more at times than breeding grounds for a disenfranchised population of suffering souls who appear lost in the wilderness with peoples insanity, confusion, anger, and feer feeding and bouncing off one another.

The appearance of emptiness and confusion emanates fiercely from the eyes of the young and old, rich and poor, black and white, men and women. I wish I could say the right words the right way to make them smile and see the truth about the world we live in and the way out of the bondage that seems to be everywhere in this current physical / material level of existence. I want to take their pain away. However, I realize now that the reality is I can only show the way to the door outside the cage or box. I can't carry them through it or walk for them if they insist on crawling or holding on to the past. By the same token, I am on my own path in this strange universe working on passing through my own door. It is their responsibility to find their door, just as it is mine. I can only try to help them selflessly along the way where I see fit.

We can't just walk away from who we really are. By bravely facing our true selves in our personal hall of mirrors, we can tap into a truer, deeper level of strength we were never thought we had. Realizing our full strength and potential is the ideal contrast to the future that the powers that be are attempting to create for us without our consent. Now that so much dirt is rising to the surface for all of humanity to see, it is my honor to be apart of this awakening that's more global than most realize. What this shift and awakening is going to lead to is yet to be seen, but at the least we must remember that this is about an exercise in free will.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It is what it is.... by David Icke

IT IS ...... WHAT IT IS......words of wisdom from David Icke


The David Icke Newsletter, August 30th 2009

Hello all ...

As we head into some seriously challenging times, I am getting ever more calm and relaxed. You would think it would be the opposite, but it's not. Five little words capture where I am coming from ... it is what it is.

I find myself saying this again and again recently and, simple though it may be, the phrase carries enormous power. It doesn't mean to give in and meekly acquiesce. I am not saying 'it is what is and so I won't try to change anything'. It just 'is what it is' in the Now from which we observe what is.

I am not simply playing with words here. This is going to be very important in the months and years ahead before this global control nonsense is sorted - as it will be.

Nothing freezes human awareness and action more than denial. This is expressed as 'change the subject, I don't want to talk about it'; 'you're crazy, they would never do that'; and 'I am going to find a way to lie to myself so I don't have to face the obvious'.

'It is what it is', by its very nature, does not do denial.

Cognitive dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is a major prison for human perception and an extreme example of denial. It is the state of stress and emotional unease that people feel when their beliefs are at odds with their experience or information before them. To remove this unease, either their beliefs have to change or they have to somehow explain away the experience or information that contradicts them.

Most people do the latter by lying to themselves. They respond to the cognitive dissonance by constructing ludicrous explanations for why their beliefs and the contradictory experience or information are not contradictory at all. 'We must go to war to have peace' is a classic.

Another example is how the Orwellian state is being introduced with the most extraordinary speed and coordination worldwide while so many people vehemently deny there is any conspiracy or common force behind it.

On one hand you have the incredible organisation and coordination and, on the other, the belief that it is not organised and coordinated. This is cognitive dissonance for you.

People need to delude themselves with complete nonsense to defend their belief system from challenge or to deny that something is happening that they would rather not be happening. Like a global fascist dictatorship.

The antidote to cognitive dissonance, or what Orwell called doublethink, is ... 'It is what it is'.

Once we are prepared to accept what we see before us without editing and censorship to protect ourselves - temporarily - from changing our view or facing what we don't like, cognitive dissonance cannot manifest.

This is crucial. Unless people are honest and open enough to accept what is happening, how can they possibly do anything about it? Like I say, 'it is what it is' does not mean giving in to a situation. It is the essential starting point to not giving in through denial and thus acquiescence.

If we don't face what is, the 'what is' doesn't change and goes on getting ever more extreme. How many people have died of a disease that could have been cured at an earlier stage, but they didn't want to face the possibility of what was wrong and so they did nothing about it?

'It is what it is' must go together with 'so let's deal with it' if anything is to change for the better, either in our individual lives or collectively. Without acknowledging the first part, you never do the second.

People stay in tired, loveless, even abusive relationships, because they don't want to face what is. I have heard women concoct the most amazing excuses for their partner knocking the crap out of them. 'It was my fault, I made him mad at me'.

No, he's a brutal bully. Face it. Get out of there. He is what he is. It is what it is.

If I have a rotting piece of pie on my plate I am not going to convince myself it is fresh out of the oven just to make me feel better. If I do, the pie will go on rotting and eventually stink the place out. Stick it in the bin and make another. We can do this once we accept what is.

There is another aspect to this, too. 'It is what it is' brings you into the Now, the only moment that exists, and allows you to escape the illusory past and future. Only by being in the Now can we affect anything. There is no time, only the perception of it, and so there is no past and future.

If we 'live' in the past and future, therefore, we are 'living' - perceiving - in a world that doesn't actually exist. It is just a belief-system. How can we change anything in that state and from that 'place'? We can't. We make ourselves impotent.

The phrase goes 'it is what it is', not 'it was what it was' or 'it will be what it will be'. It perceives from the 'is', the Now, and so gives us the power to change what is, because we are in the only moment when anything can be changed.

I understand why people find it hard to conceive that there is no past and future - been there - but it is so obvious. Where are we when we think of the past? In the Now. Where are we when we think of the future? In the Now. Where were our ancestors through what we call 'history'? In the Now. Where are those that we perceive to be our successors in the future? In the Now.

There is only the Now, everything else is illusion.

'It is what it is' deletes past and future and all that goes with it - the 'if onlys' and 'what ifs?'. People have their entire lives ruined by those four words - if only, what if?

My son Jaymie was not happy the other night when his football team lost a game. 'We should have won, if only we had done this or that'. True, but they didn't. There is only what 'is' - they lost the match. The final whistle has gone, the game is over, the outcome a done deal.

Entrapped by the 'past'

There is no point pouring over what could have been or should have been ... if only, if only, if only. We just have the Now - what is - and you either accept that and get on with your life, or you go on feeling regret and disappointment about something you cannot change.

The past can then hurl you into the future as you start focussing your attention on the next game and how you must win or play well in that one. This, too, can blight your life with anxiety and nervousness about the outcome long before you can do anything about it. Will we win or will we lose again? Hey, that will be two defeats in a row, oh no!

There is another way, the way of the Now. Accept what is - we lost - and learn from the lessons of the experience. Then get on with your life without any more 'if onlys'. Enjoy the Now without the party poopers of past and future.

After all, what's the alternative? Not enjoying the Now. It doesn't sound much like fun to me. I guess what I am saying here can be summed up by this famous 'prayer':

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.

I would replace 'God' with Consciousness, but the theme is the same. Unless we accept the things we cannot change, or change immediately, we destroy our enjoyment of the Now. The phrase 'It is what it is and so let's deal with it' has many expressions. There is, for instance, 'It is what it is and let's do something about it'; and there is 'It is what it is and there's nothing I can do to change it at the moment, so I have to accept what is'. Both are dealing with the 'is' by using the 'wisdom to know the difference'.

Life does not always give us the perfect hand as I am sure you've noticed (well, perfect from our perspective, anyway). There are things we like and things we don't like and if we don't treat them both as twin impostors we are going to be bouncing emotionally between floor and ceiling and end up battered in the process. Never more so than in the months and years ahead as the crazies throw their final cards that are destined, eventually, to be trumped.

Worrying about what might happen and feeling frustrated at how it could have been allowed to happen will not help us to deal with what is happening. It is what it is.

We can no longer change how we got into this mess. Nor can we affect where this mess is taking us by focussing on some illusory 'what if?' 'future'. We can only change the Now and what is, not what has been or will be. The 'will be' can change only if we change the Now.

There is another question that comes from this. Why is this happening to us? Why are we in this reality when all this is going on? Why do things happen to you and not to me and to me and not to you? Why is your life as it is and other lives as they are?

Answer those questions and you change everything.

In the earliest weeks of my conscious journey 20 years ago, a psychic told me that 'they' had a message for me. It said:

'True love does not always give the receiver what it would like to receive, but it will always give that which is best for it. So welcome everything you receive whether you like it or not. Ponder on anything you do not like and see if you can see why it was necessary. Acceptance will then be very much easier.'

That is the key, acceptance. It is what it is. I emphasise again that this does not mean acquiescence to a situation, only knowing when you can change it and when you can't.

Why me?

But back to the question. Why is your life as it is and others as they are? Can you see patterns of recurring experience in your life that mirror what is happening to you now? What is life telling you about yourself?

'Ponder on anything you do not like and see if you can see why it was necessary.'

I have learned from long and sometimes harsh experience that you can change your life by recognising what life is telling you. In effect, what one level of you is telling another level of you.

Once you acknowledge what your experience is saying, the experience disappears. The experience is not about punishment, it is about expanding awareness. Once the learning happens, there is no further need for the experience and so it dissolves into the ether.

Those who do not identify the 'why?' are destined to continue the same experience indefinitely until they do. Has he got it yet? No. Same again then, Bill.

Humanity as a whole is about to be offered an enormously challenging opportunity to identify the collective 'Why?' - why is this fascist imposition happening while we are here to experience it? The answer will not be the same for everyone, but it will for the vast majority.

When people have worked it out, the experience will be over, because it will no longer be necessary. The starting point is to ditch the denial. It is what it is and what we face we can replace.

IF ...

If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

But make allowance for their doubting too:

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,

Or being hated don't give way to hating,

And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream and not make dreams your master;

If you can think and not make thoughts your aim,

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same:

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken

Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,

And stoop and build them up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch-..​and-​toss,​

And lose, and start again at your beginnings,

And never breathe a word about your loss:

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew

To serve your turn long after they are gone,

And so hold on when there is nothing in you

Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

If all men count with you, but none too much:

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,

And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

- Rudyard Kipling

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Man Cries Out for God's Help, Call Answered

This story certainly causes some of us to ponder how our thoughts have power in more ways than we may know. As you seen below in this video, a man cries out to God for help as two large police officers attempt to arrest him for not providing them with ID. When asked why he was under arrest, one of the officers stated that "it didn't matter." The man believed he would be saved from the wrath of the police and after being tasered, the unthinkable happened. Makes you wonder more about the power of prayer/thought eh?

He fought back with his words, which also clearly had a psychological impact on the police. It clearly created a certain level of confusion. His determined spirit gave him the STRENGTH to resist what he saw as a unjust arrest and he called out for help and had the FAITH that he would be protected from harm. As soon as he was tasered, suddenly he had the strength to overcome the grasp of the two larger police officers.

In addition, his wife had the courage to capture this entire situation on camera. Her fearless and calm demeanor allowed her to film a steady, clear view of everything taking place and being said.

Remember to remain calm and keep a clear head as well as powering up your own powerful spirit to aid you in a potentially dangerous situation.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FBI informants operating openly in our midst

Well known white supremacist talk show host Hal Turner has now been exposed as an FBI informant. For many years Hal has been allowed to operate his radio show which has been used as platform to push his racist and violent agenda with the ok from the FEDS.

Turner, 45, has developed a reputation as one of the hardest-line racists on the radical right since starting up his radio show seven years ago. He has routinely ranted about such things as a "Portable Nigger Lyncher" machine and slimed those he hates as "savage Negro beasts," "bull-dyke lesbians," "faggots" and worse.

But it is his threats that are legendary.

In 2006, Turner told his audience to "clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition ... [and] then do what has to be done" to undocumented workers. Around the same time, he suggested that half the U.S. Congress "may have to be assassinated.

Hal Turner was recently arrested for threatening three federal appeals court judges in Chicago Over a recent decision upholding handgun bans. This revelation comes at a time when the mainstream media is working frantically to demonize 2nd Amendment activists while working to convince the American people that right-wing extremism is growing in the United States.

According to the AP, A New Jersey blogger facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges was trained by the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday.

Hal Turner worked for the FBI from 2002 to 2007 as an "agent provocateur" and was taught by the agency "what he could say that wouldn't be crossing the line," defense attorney Michael Orozco said. He said that Hal's job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest.

Right-wing extremist groups may be using the recession and the election of the nation's first African-American president to recruit members, a Department of Homeland Security report contends. At the same time, the mainstream media has been crafting a particularly warped version of reality by suggesting that critics of Barack Obama might be racist extremists. It is already being alleged in mainstream publications like the Huffington Post that using words like socialism is really CODE for the N-word.

The tactic continues despite the falling approval rating of the president. Results of a recent Gallup-Rusmussen poll show that Obama still has the strong support of at least 5 out of 10 Americans, down from the previous month's poll numbers that stood 7 out of 10.

The Department of Homeland Security claims membership in extremist groups like this may be increasing.

What's interesting is that the nine-page report said it has "no specific information that domestic right-wing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence," it said real-estate foreclosures, unemployment and tight credit "could create a fertile recruiting environment for right-wing extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and government authorities similar to those in the past."

There have been a number of videos posted on youtube.com and other websites displaying alleged militia groups that claim they are prepared to engage the US Government in an armed conflict.

The media is picking up on this and using these videos to continue to frighten the American people into continuing to give up their liberties in order to be provided with some form of safety and shelter from the madness. They are using these videos to convince average citizens that there is a threat growing domestically. In fact, the government claims (without one shred of evidence) that these new racial groups have made alliances with middle eastern terrorists trying to get into the United States at the border.

Central Intelligence Director Michael Hayden claimed on NBC's ``Meet the Press,'' that the terrorists' sanctuary in tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan is the most likely point of origin for them to launch another attack against the U.S.

They are training ``operatives who look western'' there and ``would be able to come into this country without attracting the attention others might,'' Hayden said. ``If there is another terrorist attack, it will originate there.''

Last year during Ron Paul's campaign, Glen Beck suggested that organized Ron Paul supporters might be terrorists. Truth is stranger than fiction.

It's as if they expect this racial conflict to happen, even if they have to fund the groups themselves to get some form of racial conflict or war going.

According to the Nation, Turner was once a prominent activist in New Jersey's Republican Party. To area conservatives, he was best known by his moniker for call-ins to the Sean Hannity Show, "Hal from North Bergen." For years, Hannity offered his top-rated radio show as a regular forum for Turner's occasionally racist, always over-the-top rants. Hannity also chatted with him off-air, allegedly offering encouragement to Turner as he struggled to overcome a cocaine habit and homosexual leanings. Turner has boasted that Hannity once invited Turner and his son on to the set of Fox News's Hannity and Colmes.

In the following Youtube video, Hannity is confronted on this fact which he first denies, then later admits.

In this video, CNN allows Hal Turner nearly ten minutes of air time to spew his hateful message. Why has he been allowed to operate as long as he has?

Earlier this year, it was reported that unidentified hackers electronically confronted Turner in the forum of his website for "The Hal Turner Show." After a heated exchange, they told Turner that they had successfully hacked into his server and found correspondence with an FBI agent who is apparently Turner's handler. Then they posted an alleged July 7 E-mail to the agent in which Turner hands over a message from someone who sent in a death threat against Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.). "Once again," Turner writes to his handler, "my fierce rhetoric has served to flush out a possible crazy." In what is allegedly a portion of another E-mail, Turner discusses the money he is paid.

On Thursday, as the E-mail exchange was heatedly discussed on a major neo-Nazi website, Turner suddenly announced he was quitting political work. "I hereby separate from the 'pro-White' movement," he said, adding that he was ending his radio show immediately. "I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it."

The FBI declined comment. "Longstanding FBI policy prohibits disclosing who may or may not provide information," Agent Richard Kolko of the agency's press unit said. Reached in New Jersey, Turner also declined all comment.

The apparent revelation set off a torrent of criticism from experts in criminology and the use of informants.

During the 1960s and early 70s, the FBI used a variety of methods to disrupt activist groups including wiretapping, providing drugs, even assassination — as well as the use of agents provocateurs — in coordination with state and local police.

As the case against Turner and the revelations of his attorney reveal, the government did not abandon its COINTELPRO tactics, as it claimed in the mid 1970s. The FBI, acting as the establishment’s political secret police, continues to undermine political movements the elite consider dangerous and a threat to their control and influence.

So why did the FEDS finally decide to swoop in on Hal's operation? It is likely that Hal burned his handlers in some form. This revelation should be a warning to the readers, especially those who are members of militias. There is no doubt that many groups have been infiltrated in order to plant agents inside to not only spy on the group, but to encourage violent and illegal activity guaranteed to land you in a federal prison. This is why is important not to fall into a agent's or informants game of entrapment.

Hal Turner specifically attempted to appeal to the patriot movement and the constitutionalists as can see from his youtube video in which he claimed to have inside information concerning the coming currency of the North American Union. This video alone raised alarm bells in the research community when his claim remained unsubstantiated by any facts or evidence, potentially harming genuine research into a very real North American Union.

Now that Hal Turner has been exposed as the FBI informant that he is, it should be no surprise why he doesn't seem to have any friends left as you can see from his recent phone call from jail which ends in tears and he cries how scared he is in an all black jail as he waits for sentencing from his protective custody cell.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Military Mind Control at the Mall

Oh God, someone pinch me.

Ouch! Didn't mean that literally.

Oh wow. How shall we begin this?

Sigh...deep breath.. Ok.

Don't ask my why I torture myself by going to the mall. Maybe I feel that I need more material for my show, or maybe I got issues and just wanna get pissed off for no reason. But for whatever reason, I decided an hour ago that Lloyd Center's food court was my destination. Hey, I'm a busy guy, kiss off.

The problem was sanely getting to my destination within that human cage called a mall. I walk in the mall and automatically adjust myself to this machine of an existence I just entered. With the sterile air and perfume smells all around me, all I could hope for is that the sheeple would remain physically be OUT OF MY WAY so I can get to where I'm going without catching some kind of STUPIDITY/ILLITERATE disease of the mind. Damn, I left my mask at home again.

Often in malls the bubbles, shiny objects, smells, music, and bouncing boobs is too much stimuli for one to handle, causing one to feel dizzy and nearly blind as the herd bumps into inanimate objects and each other. I begin to feel ill as my awareness of the mind control in the mall increases to the next level. Am I the only one here that can see?

On the first floor the Portland Police are talking with children, sitting at a table by the Old Navy clothing store handing out police badge stickers to the kiddies. Don't ask about the economy and who's crashing it. Don't ask why we live a police state and why the government is getting ready for martial law. That's just weird.

"I don't wanna fight man," I think to myself. I just wanna get to my destination. Oh god, why am I here? There are so many fat people here now in this mall, what is happening to their minds? What happened to their spirits? Am I the only one that sees the predator hiding behind the trees?

After taking a cell phone picture of the police just to make them nervous, I decide that I'm not looking for a fight. Hey, I'm a nice guy and I'm hungry. Back to the hunt this awkward urban jungle for the least toxic GMO contaminated food. MMM MMM good, they say. Watch out bouncing boobs at 10 clock, look away, look away grasshopper.

I walk carefully into the video game store making sure I don't accidentally slip on a pool of drool, for in this mall there plenty to drool over. Posters are everywhere proudly displaying future soldiers in high tech suits getting ready for some serious combat in a world war three scenario. A large man weighing over 300 lbs of fat leaves the store pushing his baby in a stroller?

I ask, "How was the mind control store today sir?"

Haha, no response, non expected!

After gobbling up whatever road kill I fed myself and hypocritically lecture a random girl on the dangers of GMO food buying the same slop as well, I decide it's time to depart from this fantasy wonderland.

And here she is. My future ex wife. Just kidding. Standing there with her young blond hair and Aryan blue eyes, shes asks,

"Hello sir, could we ask you some questions about what you think about these upcoming movies?"

Uh huh.

"Um, you don't want to talk to me," I say.

Her: "Yes I do."

Me: "No you don't."

Her: "I get paid to ask people about their opinion of these new Hollywood movies."

Me: "I know that. I got a question for you. Why do they call it... Hollywood?" (Hollywood is a magically wand from the holly tree that is being used to mind control the population according to Jordan Maxwell.)

Her: I don't Know.

Me: Exactly

I ended up ranting my head off about the violence and sexual perversion in movies and Hollywood and how that messes up the mind of susceptible children that don't know any better.

Her: "But it's always been that way, that's nothing new."

Me: "!!!!!!!!!!!" I'm outta here.

Her: "No wait. I need to make my money, let me show you some trailers and you can tell me what you think."

Me: "You already know what I'm gonna say lady. You got five minutes, lets go."

(Putting headset on, going over to laptop.)

to be continued later tonight....

Friday, May 08, 2009

This world is going insane. I think some of us got the real human medicine that can heal us back to health.

This world has lost it's mind.

At least it seems that most of the people living in it have.

Everything is backwards. Orwellian. Confusing. Very, very odd....

Stupidity is in and is sexy as hell.

Intelligence and Wisdom is frightening to the masses with a dangerous reputation as a guaranteed buzz kill.

I walk into a restaurant, a bar, a supermarket. The eyes of the crowd find their way to me as my face is recognized by the local cable TV viewers and it's as if I can actually read their very thoughts and sense their feelings.

And the feelings do not feeling loving, they do not feel empathetic. They feel like FEAR and SPITE. Bafflement.

"There's that crazy motherfucker from TV. WTF! Dark Skinned fuck who thinks he knows something. Asshole, talking to me reality, who the fuck is he?"

Welcome to my life. Welcome to my little world (Or nightmare as Alice Cooper put it in the 1970s), My passion and intensity for liberty and spiritual freedom is SCARY to the fellow mammals living with me in this technological / hypnotic control grid. The poor things have had their mind raped, they lost the ability to recognize a friend that IS trying to help them and their children.

Maybe I should walk around going "Boo! Hey you! Boo! That's right! It me! That guy from TV that talks about the scary stuff! Boo!"

Often I cannot find the words to describe how strange all of this is.

It is not easy to articulate how bizarre it seems to live in a world where we have access so much information about our planet, ourselves, and situation, yet.....our peers do nothing but scoff at our desperate attempts to get them to WAKE UP to something larger than their own little world.

Is it the victim mentality?

Something else?

Perhaps they are in a state of amnesia?

Is it that they subconsciously want to learn a lesson about the errors of their ways? Like the drug addict that keeps going and going until he loses everything?

What the hell is it? The chemtrails?! Ha!

Without a doubt, there is something is going on on this planet that ONLY a small percentage of the human population seems to be aware of. I'm not only of the well known plot to create an official World Government or New World Order run by a criminal elite. I speak of the nature of the universe and the potential new cycle that may be underway which could literally change (not end) our world as we know it. In all honesty, I believe these changes are coming and that the shift in consciousness that so many speak of will not come with a soft landing, but with a series of bangs, and booms. Sorry folks, I wouldn't wager your weeks check on the space aliens coming to save you either......

Our comfort zone will soon change rapidly and the old world will fade as our ability to survival will now INSTANTLY be based on our ability to come together with like minded people who can increase our changes of making it through the raging storm. And some storms have already arrived. It will come down to survival and the ability to adapt to working together and coming into a greater harmony with nature and mother Earth. This will be like a splash of ice cold water to the prisoners still living in this machine like colony of robot humans that falsely believe they are free.

I have many goals. Some goals have yet to be created. Some goals have yet to be fulfilled. At this moment in time, I feel the desire to articulate my vision to bring people together of like minds before the crisis begins.

Most of you reading this now know what is coming. We all know about the problem. What we still do not know is what to do about it, where we are going to be living, if we will still have a job, if we will be single or in a relationship, if we will be living in a conventional home, a car for a home, or a tent. Some things in life.... WE JUST DON'T KNOW! Take a deep breath.

While many things coming in the future may seem OUT OF OUR CONTROL, we need to be able to develop the foresight to zone in and identify the things that we can change. We must develop the eyesight to see the things that we are meant to see. We have to harness the ability to truly quiet our thoughts and hear the things we are supposed to hear.

In these coming years, our world is likely to be turned upside down and this is not a time to be twiddling our thumbs at the local pub whining to ourselves, "Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink."

New information about the nature of reality is flowing like a river. Stick out your hand and grab what you can. I can only show you the door and invite you into my world. I can't do it for you and make everything right for you, or give you the perfect solutions. No one can do that for me, and when we as humans realize that we are independently responsible for own growth and salvation, that is the moment when we begin to grow up.

Let us kick our fears to the curb without mercy and welcome into our lives the person we were supposed to be. Allow the sheeple to drink their poisonous Kool-aid in their own self created Jones town. Take a deep breath and send them the love that they are lacking in their world with a deeper understanding of everyone's free will.

There are mysteries about this reality that keep us awake in the dark of night. There are many questions we may be asking ourselves that we would never do in front of our family or peers. A few key questions remain in the back of countless minds:

"Did we as souls choose to come into this particular time / space reality to achieve a certain goal?"

"Are we here collectively as souls to witness some amazing change in our society that will evolve our soul into the next level?"

"Is there a reason why humans have a unique consciousness and understanding of self that is so very different than the rest of the animal kingdom?"

"Is there a reason we have such an amazing imagination?"

"Where did it come from? Where did WE REALLY COME FROM?"

"Are we alone in the universe? Are we also ants in an ant farm living under a larger system too big for our minds to comprehend?"

"Are we gods or masters in training?"

For now, some things in the world may continue to remain a mystery. But for myself, in this phase of my life that I am in now, I am locked and loaded on one particular thought:


Perhaps you may choose to do the same. It's up to you. Talk to again in the near future my friends.

Alex Ansary

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Portland Community Media is going broke, here comes the first big slash!

It's been an amazing experience at PCMTV since it became a critical part of my life in 2004. Although PCMTV is not going away today, the continued collapse of our county's financial situation will surely change the facility as we know it in only a matter of time.

I have been warning about this about for some time now and the response from the staff at PCMTV has been the same response I've gotten from other people in the world that I talk to about other major events happening in the world.

First you face heavy waves of denial.

When that denial erodes and the severity of the situation sits in, you then witness a justification for why it has to be that way or why it can't be fixed.

It has been announced via email only an hour ago that PCMTV will be slashing it's hours of operation. This follows the layoff of what THEY describe as 1.5 people. There are also plans to layoff 3.5 more people by April. This follows the collection of $50.00 from each producer that plans on using PCMTV equipment in 2009.

It's no secret that the Obama administration has provided a highly disturbing sense of false hope concerning our country's financial future. It's alarming to continually see PCMTV leadership pin their hopes on a solution from Washington. It's a fact that the City of Portland today is not willing to support PCMTV for much longer if they can find a way out of it.

PCMTV is a valuable asset that's able to get out critical information that otherwise won't be head or seen on the mainstream networks. Its upsetting that there won't be public outcry over the potential collapse of PCMTV. The public won't even know for the most part.

But how can PCMTV survive as it is when the staff that currently works there seems to have lost the passion for the facility and what it can really do to help provide perspective and information that the people are really starving for? Most of the employees are simply shaking in their boots, hoping the axe won't point their way. In their minds, that means giving themselves some insurance by acting like good workers that keep their mouths shut when poor policies and fiscal decisions are made that jeopardize the future of PCMTV, a gem of community access TV that has helped myself and others reach much of the community and in some cases, the world.

While my own show may be popular to some in Portland and on the world wide web, within the halls of PCMTV I'm just another person and will not be given any special treatment. This blog is not just about my show. It's about everybody that is apart of the real PCMTV family. It's also PCMTV's ability to continue to provide health care for PCMTV employees. That part is still intake now that cuts have been made, but what is the long term solution to a problem that is just beginning? If you can't address that, then the situation at PCMTV will get much worse.

Each week, the facility gets positive emails about the show I produce, but I only hear about it if it comes across my friend's desk. Otherwise, you'd never know. In fact, there is not doubt my show makes some staff very uncomfortable. Body language and looks of fear tell it all.

They don't look uncomfortable to the point that they would attempt censorship, (they don't have that right, that's why my show exists in the first place) but uncomfortable in the sense that when times get rough like this, they likely won't be planning to "have my back" when things really kick into next gear and whole days get slashed instead of merely hours.

When I found out about this, I checked to see if maybe I could come in early to work on my show. In the old days, they used to have something called "Senior Producer Status." I was just told by a staff member in a very frank, non emotional tone that "senior producer editing hasn’t existed for a quarter or so." Well forget I even asked then! You see what I mean? Oh, and that's from my so-called friend at PCMTV.

The following appeared in my email an hour ago:

Dear PCM Producers & Stakeholders:

It need not be said, but the national and local fiscal picture continues to worsen, and this has affected Portland Community Media. Although the stimulus bill was recently passed by Congress, we do not know how these dollars will directly affect PCM. Meanwhile, we have been aggressively seeking alternative funding to diversify our funding base.

Given these financial concerns, PCM plans to reduce public hours by 10 hours per week. Beginning April 1, PCM will be open to the public for 32 hours per week with the new public hours as follows:

Wednesday-Friday 5-10pm

Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 1-8pm

PCM has tried to prevent the cut in public hours. However, we are anticipating up to a 5 percent city budget cut that could start as early as this fiscal year-before June 30-and this will be the fourth budget cut for PCM in seven years. We have been working hard to reduce our looming deficit. We have had to lay off and reduce hours for some staff while also doubling employee insurance premiums. PCM has instituted a modest user fee for producers even though additional revenue will be lost as we offset our deficit. Additionally, we have had to rearrange staff positions and consider future staffing reductions to maintain the organization at a functioning level.

In an effort to lessen the impact of fewer public hours, PCM has only shortened public hours during slow periods. There is no future date for when these hours will return to previous public hours. When the budget outlook goes back to normal, PCM will consider reverting to 42 public hours per week.

We regret the inconvenience this causes our community. However, we believe this is in the best interest of everyone concerned and a wise move, allowing PCM to offer the best in local programming, media education and youth media programs to its communities.

If you have questions, contact Alain LeTourneau at 503-288-1515 ext.113. Thank you for supporting PCM. We look forward to serving you.


Sylvia McDaniel, Chief Executive
Portland Community Media

Why is it that valued producers only have input in controlling setting meeting where PCMTV leadership controls the mike? Oh right! That's because 'we the people' aren't in charge of anything...

Perhaps Sylvia needs to come on the show and explain the situation to the people instead of sending out emails telling us that this our only solution and to hope for the best that the stimulus packages will work.

I'm trying to be nice guy. But I want answers...NOW.

Alex Ansary

Sunday, March 01, 2009

alexansary.com web traffic exploded this week

I finally put together a report on sunspot cycle 24 and the weakening magnetic field.

It seems there was a lot of interest in this topic.

Read the article in full here


Social Engineering 2009

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. ~ Stalin

For a world that has access to an abundance of information and historical records, I find it quite peculiar that most humans can't seem to figure out why our planet is now experiencing the beginning of a sweeping new wave of violence, crime and social disruption.

It is a fact that a poor economy has a direct result on crime rates, as well as mental health.

Perhaps looking at the cause and effect of events in the world has become too much for people that can't seem to stomach the truth about how serious things could get in the near future when the bailout package doesn't work.

As our nation's corporate controlled leadership continues to gamble with the sovereignty and security of the United States, the families and children continue to suffer. It's no surprise that the military has escalated their plans to 'manage' waves of civil unrest throughout our country. They expect a very large, angry population to rise against the government. What events are they expecting in the near future that concern them so greatly?

While we sleep, they are are preparing for an ENDGAME scenario. The military no longer has a problem hiring foreign nationals to do the job of going to war for the military industrial complex. At a later date, those same foreign troops may be used domestically inside the United States to maintain security during a crisis when American marines can't or won't enforce martial law.

The military also has no problem hiring convicted felons to add to the bloodbath. As far as the Pentagon is concerned, these men are nothing more than necessary fuel sources for the military machine.

Our nation's foreign and domestic policy is breaking the back of this country and our collective moral fiber. It's also destroying the United States military by using our troops to fight an illegal war, and to incrementally build an unconstitutional police state within the borders of the United States.

It needs to be pointed out that it's never a good sign when your military boys are committing suicide in record numbers that exceed the death toll of those killed by enemy fire. It is an even worse sign when women in the military are statistically more likely to be gang raped by their fellow soldiers than killed by enemy fire.

With the approach of the next great depression which will rival the last, we are now starting to see waves of violent crime hit the nation. Throughout history, depressions have brought a collective of unfavorable changes to society.

Human beings adapt themselves to their survival needs for better or for worse. People need to eat and pay their rent. It has been said that the Nazis' were just doing their job and following orders.

History shows that the bulk of the population will move in the direction of the jobs that are available if it is needed for their basic day to day survival in the so-called civilized world. It's living out of fear of not surviving or not being safe that often causes people to make a decision that goes their better judgment and integrity.

It's kind of like looking at a wealthy land owning warlord who owns all the water rights and is enslaving the people that are dependent on his water for survival and life. In this case, the ruler is in a position to make the people do whatever he wants them to do in order for them to be allowed to drink what he claims is his water.

Some of the new ways of life that humans adapt themselves to during an economic meltdown are: (but not limited to) spikes in alcoholism and drug addiction, endemic depression, suicide, consuming food of poor quality, degraded health, educational system meltdown, moral and spiritual bankruptcy, people fighting each other, relationship and family problems, homelessness, ghetto life, rise in fanatical cults, gangs, organized crime, murder, car thefts, bank robberies, home invasions, the adult industry, prostitution, rape, and the human trafficking of women.

All of these things are beginning to manifest incrementally in our country and these changes in society have also been happening throughout the world where the economic situation has been dire for some time now. Much of the third world has been going through these nightmares for years. Our own society has already seen it's share of these social ills. Only now its about to be felt tenfold in what once was the world's largest military and economic superpower. That is something that is not new, nor something that most people will have the privilege of ignoring for much longer.

There clearly are some serious issues with our modern civilization that must be addressed in some way. It should also be noted that as concerned as some people seem to be about their own economic future, few appear to be publicly looking for the real answers as to why things are manifesting the way and at the rate that they are.

While the American people aren't responsible for the economic crash underway, the people in control of our financial system are guilty of treason. It are these corrupted individuals that are working their hardest to make sure the population and the next generation foots the bill and voluntarily remains asleep during the process.

Meanwhile, the bailout money seems to have no positive impact on our economy. It's actually having a negative effect. Now that the rest of the world can see that the fake liquidity of the Federal Reserve and big banks can no longer work magic, we are about to sleepwalk into a free fall of the US economy and our social order.

Headlines that report an increasing level of gang violence in small times has already become commonplace. In my city we are currently experiencing an unprecedented rise in shootings not seen in several decades.

While solutions to some of these changes seem out of reach, we cannot overlook our responsibility to watch over our young and to protect them from those that seek their unquestioned loyalty and servitude. Our children are growing up in a world exposed to alarmingly high levels violence in video games and in movies. Their understanding of the world, themselves, values, desires, goals often are shaped by these outlets. While they aren't actually in the battlefield, they are in a simulated sense via the technology available in the digital age. The military has already announced their plan to recruit young gamers to operate the killer drones in the middle east. If that wasn't a red flag, the similarity in technology and joy sticks between modern video games and the Army's robotic army is increasing by the day. What will become of these children in the future when their are no jobs and the world is awash in war and technology?

Meanwhile, some other children like those attempting to stay alive in the Middle East and Africa get to witness their villages destroyed, their mothers and sisters raped, and their fathers executed before their very eyes. Only our nation's military doesn't have a policy of counting the dead civilians. What will become of these children in the future?

This is an evil place in time where the mass media delivers to a sea of viewers each night a whole new set of nightmares and terrifying visions of not only the future, but the day at hand. This box has become the parent, in a world where the parents are also enslaved to the same system, often too busy working (or trying to find work) to tend to the development and nurturing of the family. The world the children are growing up is a world where their leaders say this will be a hundred year war, according to PNAC documents.

Now here's a question: How is the next generation supposed to respond to this declaration that the rest of their lives will likely be filled with wars, rumors of war, a police state, cameras on every corner, famines, super viruses, terrorism, and many other FILL IN THE BLANK events?!

These events are being engineering in order to re-social engineer our society and world. Their goal is to move us and our children rapidly into the machine, into a place where their is no place to hide.

If we have any connection to our own humanity still left in us, we have to nurture that and realize that we can't take our ability to love and feel for granted. One day people may forget much of their past and what things were like when we didn't have to thumb scan to travel to another state or to pay for our groceries. This is where our passion for life and experience comes into play. It is our responsibility to plant basic seeds of wisdom and to remind people that we used to be live a more peaceful existence before the events were orchestrated, and that the emerging New World Order is not our savior but the consumer of humanity.

There will be many children growing up in the future that will be searching for answers and truth, and some could be more intelligent than we think. Whether its our child or not, we need to be willing to care for others in a time of crisis where mindful leadership may need to emerge to shed some light on what's going on when the crisis happens, and how we can work together to remedy the situation.

The globalists' are hellbent on creating a society where the people devour each other in a crisis that has been perpetuated on the people. It's our job to expose the plots and already begin to take part in a very long, but meaningful and important rebuilding effort.

"In the end, we will remem​ber not the words​ of our enemi​es,​ but the silen​ce of our frien​ds.​"​ - Marti​n Luthe​r King Jr.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twilight Zone USA

Today the lies are megaphoned throughout the land, so loud that at times, the people cannot hear their own thoughts or feel their own energy. These lies are attacks on our consciousness and are used to intimidate us into submitting to the reality that they want us to subscribe to.

Its not OK to think

Its not OK to feel

Its not OK to hear

Its not OK to know...

These are some of the messages that currently are being broadcast in the direction of our minds.

This is morphing into a quasi futuristic world where the herd animals fall into line with the consensus reality of their local peer group. Welcome to the machine.

Living in the age of mass media and hyper technology has made it obvious that its become a world of invasive advertising, mind control and in your face big brother policing of your world.

That is why the government has an obvious interest in making sure people keep watching TV and quickly get through the digital switchover. The programming on the TV servers the interests of the sociopathic killers in control of the military industrial complex. They call it PROGRAMMING for a reason.

Many people have already tuned out of the box. But that doesn't mean that their perspectives or ideas are outside the box of the corporate controlled version of reality. Often people parrot information that have heard from somewhere else, even if it's not accurate. Those views they may be parroting may be White House talking points for all we know. Often, they sure sound like it.

For others, their view of their world is shaped by their family, or it gets through via peer pressure. People don't want to feel like they stand out. They want to fit in. Human psychology. Interesting thing. Herd behavior. Also interesting. More terrifying. Watching full on mass psychosis in full stereo surround sound often renders me speechless.

They use fear to control us.

The use fear to keep us from opening our minds.

If its between fear and love, where are we?

A major shift could be taking place in the next couple of months. We need to be as healthy as we can in every way in order to weather this storm now touching ground.