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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twilight Zone USA

Today the lies are megaphoned throughout the land, so loud that at times, the people cannot hear their own thoughts or feel their own energy. These lies are attacks on our consciousness and are used to intimidate us into submitting to the reality that they want us to subscribe to.

Its not OK to think

Its not OK to feel

Its not OK to hear

Its not OK to know...

These are some of the messages that currently are being broadcast in the direction of our minds.

This is morphing into a quasi futuristic world where the herd animals fall into line with the consensus reality of their local peer group. Welcome to the machine.

Living in the age of mass media and hyper technology has made it obvious that its become a world of invasive advertising, mind control and in your face big brother policing of your world.

That is why the government has an obvious interest in making sure people keep watching TV and quickly get through the digital switchover. The programming on the TV servers the interests of the sociopathic killers in control of the military industrial complex. They call it PROGRAMMING for a reason.

Many people have already tuned out of the box. But that doesn't mean that their perspectives or ideas are outside the box of the corporate controlled version of reality. Often people parrot information that have heard from somewhere else, even if it's not accurate. Those views they may be parroting may be White House talking points for all we know. Often, they sure sound like it.

For others, their view of their world is shaped by their family, or it gets through via peer pressure. People don't want to feel like they stand out. They want to fit in. Human psychology. Interesting thing. Herd behavior. Also interesting. More terrifying. Watching full on mass psychosis in full stereo surround sound often renders me speechless.

They use fear to control us.

The use fear to keep us from opening our minds.

If its between fear and love, where are we?

A major shift could be taking place in the next couple of months. We need to be as healthy as we can in every way in order to weather this storm now touching ground.

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Anonymous said...


I'm a first time visitor to your site.

Your thoughts are very similar to many of my own. There is a 'sea change' happening out there, and we are on the verge of something major. For many months, I've had recurring dreams of a great storm coming, and my observations are that our country has strayed far from what the founding fathers intended.

We need to return to original pure ideals and values, not only because they made the USA "the light on the hill" but also because many other nations still look to the USA for hope. Yet we are no longer a good role model. We were never perfect--we can not have perfection in an imperfect world--but, in a past time, we at least stood for morals, truth, and values to elevate our collective society. A correlation exists between when we stopped being moral and just and when major problems dramatically increased.

We are now at a point where a legion of world problems is converging at a very critical time. Many were certainly of our own doing: pollution, crime, corruption, etc. Yet most interesting is that our current situation is as if some kind of protection has been lifed from our nation, and the world, exposing us to the catastrophic.

As I study history and seek answers outside of the box, I've concluded there are things we've done to bring even major problems upon ourselves. Much, and I mean very much, if not all, has been explained very accurately, in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

Our founding fathers, careful in their attempt to form a more perfect order, knew the importance of God's Word, true love and compassion for each other as well as good stewardship of our planet.

While we don't hear much of 'sin' anymore, this is where problems always originate. And what of evil?

There is a better world promised to us, if we care to take the time to understand. It is one at the ultimate level of reality where peace, love and joy are the order, with pleasures unimaginable in our current minds.

As a researcher, adventurer, and seeker in the body of an engineer, I encourage you and others reading this post to return to the writings that our ancestors knew and respected: the Bible. Find pure Truth and Love for yourselves; do not just take my word. An honest evaluation will lead you to correct answers to the conspiracy and war taking place on our planet--and will lead you to the choice of your lifetime.