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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Social Engineering 2009

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. ~ Stalin

For a world that has access to an abundance of information and historical records, I find it quite peculiar that most humans can't seem to figure out why our planet is now experiencing the beginning of a sweeping new wave of violence, crime and social disruption.

It is a fact that a poor economy has a direct result on crime rates, as well as mental health.

Perhaps looking at the cause and effect of events in the world has become too much for people that can't seem to stomach the truth about how serious things could get in the near future when the bailout package doesn't work.

As our nation's corporate controlled leadership continues to gamble with the sovereignty and security of the United States, the families and children continue to suffer. It's no surprise that the military has escalated their plans to 'manage' waves of civil unrest throughout our country. They expect a very large, angry population to rise against the government. What events are they expecting in the near future that concern them so greatly?

While we sleep, they are are preparing for an ENDGAME scenario. The military no longer has a problem hiring foreign nationals to do the job of going to war for the military industrial complex. At a later date, those same foreign troops may be used domestically inside the United States to maintain security during a crisis when American marines can't or won't enforce martial law.

The military also has no problem hiring convicted felons to add to the bloodbath. As far as the Pentagon is concerned, these men are nothing more than necessary fuel sources for the military machine.

Our nation's foreign and domestic policy is breaking the back of this country and our collective moral fiber. It's also destroying the United States military by using our troops to fight an illegal war, and to incrementally build an unconstitutional police state within the borders of the United States.

It needs to be pointed out that it's never a good sign when your military boys are committing suicide in record numbers that exceed the death toll of those killed by enemy fire. It is an even worse sign when women in the military are statistically more likely to be gang raped by their fellow soldiers than killed by enemy fire.

With the approach of the next great depression which will rival the last, we are now starting to see waves of violent crime hit the nation. Throughout history, depressions have brought a collective of unfavorable changes to society.

Human beings adapt themselves to their survival needs for better or for worse. People need to eat and pay their rent. It has been said that the Nazis' were just doing their job and following orders.

History shows that the bulk of the population will move in the direction of the jobs that are available if it is needed for their basic day to day survival in the so-called civilized world. It's living out of fear of not surviving or not being safe that often causes people to make a decision that goes their better judgment and integrity.

It's kind of like looking at a wealthy land owning warlord who owns all the water rights and is enslaving the people that are dependent on his water for survival and life. In this case, the ruler is in a position to make the people do whatever he wants them to do in order for them to be allowed to drink what he claims is his water.

Some of the new ways of life that humans adapt themselves to during an economic meltdown are: (but not limited to) spikes in alcoholism and drug addiction, endemic depression, suicide, consuming food of poor quality, degraded health, educational system meltdown, moral and spiritual bankruptcy, people fighting each other, relationship and family problems, homelessness, ghetto life, rise in fanatical cults, gangs, organized crime, murder, car thefts, bank robberies, home invasions, the adult industry, prostitution, rape, and the human trafficking of women.

All of these things are beginning to manifest incrementally in our country and these changes in society have also been happening throughout the world where the economic situation has been dire for some time now. Much of the third world has been going through these nightmares for years. Our own society has already seen it's share of these social ills. Only now its about to be felt tenfold in what once was the world's largest military and economic superpower. That is something that is not new, nor something that most people will have the privilege of ignoring for much longer.

There clearly are some serious issues with our modern civilization that must be addressed in some way. It should also be noted that as concerned as some people seem to be about their own economic future, few appear to be publicly looking for the real answers as to why things are manifesting the way and at the rate that they are.

While the American people aren't responsible for the economic crash underway, the people in control of our financial system are guilty of treason. It are these corrupted individuals that are working their hardest to make sure the population and the next generation foots the bill and voluntarily remains asleep during the process.

Meanwhile, the bailout money seems to have no positive impact on our economy. It's actually having a negative effect. Now that the rest of the world can see that the fake liquidity of the Federal Reserve and big banks can no longer work magic, we are about to sleepwalk into a free fall of the US economy and our social order.

Headlines that report an increasing level of gang violence in small times has already become commonplace. In my city we are currently experiencing an unprecedented rise in shootings not seen in several decades.

While solutions to some of these changes seem out of reach, we cannot overlook our responsibility to watch over our young and to protect them from those that seek their unquestioned loyalty and servitude. Our children are growing up in a world exposed to alarmingly high levels violence in video games and in movies. Their understanding of the world, themselves, values, desires, goals often are shaped by these outlets. While they aren't actually in the battlefield, they are in a simulated sense via the technology available in the digital age. The military has already announced their plan to recruit young gamers to operate the killer drones in the middle east. If that wasn't a red flag, the similarity in technology and joy sticks between modern video games and the Army's robotic army is increasing by the day. What will become of these children in the future when their are no jobs and the world is awash in war and technology?

Meanwhile, some other children like those attempting to stay alive in the Middle East and Africa get to witness their villages destroyed, their mothers and sisters raped, and their fathers executed before their very eyes. Only our nation's military doesn't have a policy of counting the dead civilians. What will become of these children in the future?

This is an evil place in time where the mass media delivers to a sea of viewers each night a whole new set of nightmares and terrifying visions of not only the future, but the day at hand. This box has become the parent, in a world where the parents are also enslaved to the same system, often too busy working (or trying to find work) to tend to the development and nurturing of the family. The world the children are growing up is a world where their leaders say this will be a hundred year war, according to PNAC documents.

Now here's a question: How is the next generation supposed to respond to this declaration that the rest of their lives will likely be filled with wars, rumors of war, a police state, cameras on every corner, famines, super viruses, terrorism, and many other FILL IN THE BLANK events?!

These events are being engineering in order to re-social engineer our society and world. Their goal is to move us and our children rapidly into the machine, into a place where their is no place to hide.

If we have any connection to our own humanity still left in us, we have to nurture that and realize that we can't take our ability to love and feel for granted. One day people may forget much of their past and what things were like when we didn't have to thumb scan to travel to another state or to pay for our groceries. This is where our passion for life and experience comes into play. It is our responsibility to plant basic seeds of wisdom and to remind people that we used to be live a more peaceful existence before the events were orchestrated, and that the emerging New World Order is not our savior but the consumer of humanity.

There will be many children growing up in the future that will be searching for answers and truth, and some could be more intelligent than we think. Whether its our child or not, we need to be willing to care for others in a time of crisis where mindful leadership may need to emerge to shed some light on what's going on when the crisis happens, and how we can work together to remedy the situation.

The globalists' are hellbent on creating a society where the people devour each other in a crisis that has been perpetuated on the people. It's our job to expose the plots and already begin to take part in a very long, but meaningful and important rebuilding effort.

"In the end, we will remem​ber not the words​ of our enemi​es,​ but the silen​ce of our frien​ds.​"​ - Marti​n Luthe​r King Jr.


bootme21 said...

This is an awesome post, Alex. I am right there with you.

Just imagine what those before us would think of us giving money for food that exists on the earth all around us. What would they think of how we give our lives to other people for little pieces of paper?

We are heading down a scary road, but it may just be a crash course in existence that we humans need to experience in order to exist as a species.

Civilized man cannot conquer himself, so he conquers everything else.

Juliet said...

I enjoyed reading this (during work today) Our country's future may be truly desolate without the proper education of our future generations. Values and ethics are changing with our country, and outspoken individuals and groups are sometimes outcast. Your questions are thought provoking, and I think it is important to send a message to OUR generation and those younger than us to simply be aware. Be aware of what you do, what you buy, what you eat, what you support. Intrinsic values reminiscent of the "golden era," although outdated, are not instilled in our youth the same way they were before, and passed on though communitites and families. I think an important question for us to ask ourselves, is, what do I stand for? I can tell you have thought about your own values extensivley.
Anyways, good work and thanks for providing some good reading while Im at work. Back to the grindstone. :) Have a good day,

muzuzuzus said...

A great article Alex!

A main question you ask in it is:

"Now here's a question: How is the next generation supposed to respond to this declaration that the rest of their lives will likely be filled with wars, rumors of war, a police state, cameras on every corner, famines, super viruses, terrorism, and many other FILL IN THE BLANK events?!"

Well I will answer this by telling you a major even in my life in the last bout 5 weeks or so. I had been up to my follicles in research about the world wide conspiracy, including its more esoteric aspects like symbolism, numerology and so on.

And then I was resonding to videos about the GAZA atrocity. AT that time I had been very prop-Islamic seeing them as underdogs. So much so, everytime I heard of Islamic confessors, bombs etc I straightaway ASSUMED it must be secret secrvices, brainwashing, false flag etc!
I KNEW about how women and gays and minors were treated in for example Iran, but overall I am just sharing with you my worldview then

And then I had a member of Youtube get on my case, and tell me I knew NOTHING of how oppressive Islamic countries are--including Palestine--with their Shariah Law. I was defensive at first but then started reseraching, and was very shocked to find the Qu'ran has many violent passages in it, and Sahirah Law makes out that noone must contradict their holy book as it is the word of 'God'

OK, this threw me!!!.....It threw things wide open for me and made me question the worldview I was in before where i had been seeing things more so black and white. Now i was in state of confusion, yet more openminded!

So how do I mean and how does it answer your question?

Alright, for example, the esoteric part of globalism. It will suck you in. It is all encompassing. How so? because when you approach it from a black and white perspective it HAS to

This is how Christians apporach it. BECAUSE that is the worldview they are infamous for. Dividing world and after life into Good and Evil, heaven and Hell, God and the Devil

it is far more complex than that

Another example, the WORRY about the suppsed globalist aim can take over lives. I have just been on skype with a young 19 year old male from Australia sharing with me he feels tied with complusion to research about the NWO. he feels he cant stop. That thers more and more to know etc etc.

Some 9/11 people are obsessed. One youtuber takes the piss about it in a Tricksterish way saying how many times do we have to see planes going into towers "GET A LIFE".....

Is this so. Has this worry become a SPELL? And that THAt is block to really resolving our communities

Many people rightly ask 'what can I/we do?' against such power--------'DEWs, nuclear power, Tasers, Haarp, poison coming from the clouds...etc etc

P A R A N O I A!!!!!!!!

A saying comes to mind: A native American elder was talking to his youth, and told them--warning about the encraoching modern world:
'Look. The world is going to get faster, and faster, and faster. So you must go slower, and slower, and slower'

That to me sounds very intelligent. Yes the world IS insane--it is self-destructive and is externally destructive.
What is their MAIN prohibition? Against Sacred medicine/psychedelic plants etc

As you say, terrible psycholotgical abuse is rife, drug problems, you name it. The only thing on offer in this insane culture is 'mental illness' diagnoses and drugs etc

WE now as SANE memebers of communities need to make it so people can have access to healing. In skills like I know you offer, Alex, for growing food, making clothes, but ALSO very importantly support for emotional and spiritual expression with Sacred Medicine.

We cant wait for th end of Prohibition as it will never come

rather the end of cow towing to authoritarianism. Though of course, playing it cool

Anonymous said...

Say bye-bye to your cushy lifestyle. And keep on with your keepin'-on (censorship, llama).

The 2 permanent ozone holes are resulting in our thinned atmosphere, and explain how it gets 90-95+ in the day, but 50-52 at night. I remember temperature extremes like that from 30 years ago, in the deep desert (4-corners).

You're pretty gutless to filter my posts, but then, you're not really any different than the masses. Or are you (NOT!)?

control valves said...

Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.