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Friday, May 08, 2009

This world is going insane. I think some of us got the real human medicine that can heal us back to health.

This world has lost it's mind.

At least it seems that most of the people living in it have.

Everything is backwards. Orwellian. Confusing. Very, very odd....

Stupidity is in and is sexy as hell.

Intelligence and Wisdom is frightening to the masses with a dangerous reputation as a guaranteed buzz kill.

I walk into a restaurant, a bar, a supermarket. The eyes of the crowd find their way to me as my face is recognized by the local cable TV viewers and it's as if I can actually read their very thoughts and sense their feelings.

And the feelings do not feeling loving, they do not feel empathetic. They feel like FEAR and SPITE. Bafflement.

"There's that crazy motherfucker from TV. WTF! Dark Skinned fuck who thinks he knows something. Asshole, talking to me reality, who the fuck is he?"

Welcome to my life. Welcome to my little world (Or nightmare as Alice Cooper put it in the 1970s), My passion and intensity for liberty and spiritual freedom is SCARY to the fellow mammals living with me in this technological / hypnotic control grid. The poor things have had their mind raped, they lost the ability to recognize a friend that IS trying to help them and their children.

Maybe I should walk around going "Boo! Hey you! Boo! That's right! It me! That guy from TV that talks about the scary stuff! Boo!"

Often I cannot find the words to describe how strange all of this is.

It is not easy to articulate how bizarre it seems to live in a world where we have access so much information about our planet, ourselves, and situation, yet.....our peers do nothing but scoff at our desperate attempts to get them to WAKE UP to something larger than their own little world.

Is it the victim mentality?

Something else?

Perhaps they are in a state of amnesia?

Is it that they subconsciously want to learn a lesson about the errors of their ways? Like the drug addict that keeps going and going until he loses everything?

What the hell is it? The chemtrails?! Ha!

Without a doubt, there is something is going on on this planet that ONLY a small percentage of the human population seems to be aware of. I'm not only of the well known plot to create an official World Government or New World Order run by a criminal elite. I speak of the nature of the universe and the potential new cycle that may be underway which could literally change (not end) our world as we know it. In all honesty, I believe these changes are coming and that the shift in consciousness that so many speak of will not come with a soft landing, but with a series of bangs, and booms. Sorry folks, I wouldn't wager your weeks check on the space aliens coming to save you either......

Our comfort zone will soon change rapidly and the old world will fade as our ability to survival will now INSTANTLY be based on our ability to come together with like minded people who can increase our changes of making it through the raging storm. And some storms have already arrived. It will come down to survival and the ability to adapt to working together and coming into a greater harmony with nature and mother Earth. This will be like a splash of ice cold water to the prisoners still living in this machine like colony of robot humans that falsely believe they are free.

I have many goals. Some goals have yet to be created. Some goals have yet to be fulfilled. At this moment in time, I feel the desire to articulate my vision to bring people together of like minds before the crisis begins.

Most of you reading this now know what is coming. We all know about the problem. What we still do not know is what to do about it, where we are going to be living, if we will still have a job, if we will be single or in a relationship, if we will be living in a conventional home, a car for a home, or a tent. Some things in life.... WE JUST DON'T KNOW! Take a deep breath.

While many things coming in the future may seem OUT OF OUR CONTROL, we need to be able to develop the foresight to zone in and identify the things that we can change. We must develop the eyesight to see the things that we are meant to see. We have to harness the ability to truly quiet our thoughts and hear the things we are supposed to hear.

In these coming years, our world is likely to be turned upside down and this is not a time to be twiddling our thumbs at the local pub whining to ourselves, "Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink."

New information about the nature of reality is flowing like a river. Stick out your hand and grab what you can. I can only show you the door and invite you into my world. I can't do it for you and make everything right for you, or give you the perfect solutions. No one can do that for me, and when we as humans realize that we are independently responsible for own growth and salvation, that is the moment when we begin to grow up.

Let us kick our fears to the curb without mercy and welcome into our lives the person we were supposed to be. Allow the sheeple to drink their poisonous Kool-aid in their own self created Jones town. Take a deep breath and send them the love that they are lacking in their world with a deeper understanding of everyone's free will.

There are mysteries about this reality that keep us awake in the dark of night. There are many questions we may be asking ourselves that we would never do in front of our family or peers. A few key questions remain in the back of countless minds:

"Did we as souls choose to come into this particular time / space reality to achieve a certain goal?"

"Are we here collectively as souls to witness some amazing change in our society that will evolve our soul into the next level?"

"Is there a reason why humans have a unique consciousness and understanding of self that is so very different than the rest of the animal kingdom?"

"Is there a reason we have such an amazing imagination?"

"Where did it come from? Where did WE REALLY COME FROM?"

"Are we alone in the universe? Are we also ants in an ant farm living under a larger system too big for our minds to comprehend?"

"Are we gods or masters in training?"

For now, some things in the world may continue to remain a mystery. But for myself, in this phase of my life that I am in now, I am locked and loaded on one particular thought:


Perhaps you may choose to do the same. It's up to you. Talk to again in the near future my friends.

Alex Ansary


scientist said...

great post... well said!

PEACE AND LOVE from canada


Yoyodyne Tech Div 45 Info: said...


Brother, you need to step back one stride and take a good look at the line; it is, after all, your line.

When did you start worrying what people think about you? Smile at them, brother - take it easy. People, despite the way things might appear, aren't the problem.

Perhaps PCA going down is a good thing - one door closes, another one opens, no? This so-called 'corporatocracy' can't stifle what it doesn't own, ehy?

email me:


muzuzuzus said...

I go with much of what you say Alex. I have left the conspiracy theory a bit of late because I became aware it was suckin me off too much
I got this insight by talkin to a young man I met on a forum. We skyped and he told me that he felt compelled to research all the time about conspiracy theory............He was also lonely, and I was trying to offer advice. I took my own, and replaced the habit of obsession with looking at what the 'elite are fukin up to uup to' in also the esoteric mindfucks, and picked up the GUITAR agin.

At the moment I have put it down because I am researching about myth of mental illness----this is too complex to articulate.
I will do it in spurts---------psychic process is a kind of dynamic process of disintegration, and integration.................CHAOS is the underlying ...soil, if you will to which rigidites will disintegrate and then new life can unfold (Checkout The Trials of a Visionary Mind, John Weir Perry

POST Jungian, James Hillman, etc and feminist ideas are revealing we are in an--are a,,,an, Imagination

There has been the patriarchal upstart mythic motif since maybe the Babylonian Marduk slays Tiamat, Goddess of Chaos...........This means a warrior male egoic rigic mindset in fear of its own depths, and projecting this fear onto women, the 'Other', Nature

I very much disagree where you said this: "Is there a reason why humans have a unique consciousness and understanding of self that is so very different than the rest of the animal kingdom?"

If ANYTHING we dont need no more myth s of 'we are gods' and the animals are lesser than.


We need to begin reeling our RELATIONship with animals, all speacies and nature!!!

adc said...

People are kept too busy to stop and learn, it takes at least 6 months of switching off the TV, Radio and to cease reading Glossy Magazines, et al.
They are brainwashed and are perfect slaves. (they think they are free)

I've gone down the legal and money rabbit hole, looking for a remedy, and i found it. Do you realise nobody has to pay for a thing with real cash, you just write on the negotiable instrument, "ACCEPTED FOR VALUE" add you Social Insurance number, sign and date, writing at a 45 degree angle, (demonstrates you are the Banker) and thats the payment. You will notice on the bottom of the Utility Company bills they have a Bank Giro Credit attached for you to tear off. What you should do is write what is discribed above, and return it to the company. That pays the bill. If they refuse it, the bill is automatically discharged as a matter of law. HJR 192 or Bills of Exchange Act 1882 in the UK.
Its frustrating knowing that if people started to do this on mass, the interest payments to the IMF would be paid off and we would free our countrys from the debts permenantly.


Ad said...

You truly let your heart speak, thank you for that.

because what you said opens my mind even more.


your friend in The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head with what you have said .Great article.

R said...

Alex keep up the good work my friend.
I am somewhat surprised at your English though.. Im Dutch and it seems like you illogically err quite a lot in your post.

Salus populi suprema lex

P.S. Visit my channel at Youtube: Phaeton230780

Thomas Sheridan said...

It saddens me to see so many good people I know unhappy and only getting more and more depressed and negative. The world is changing alright. I walk around the village I live in here in Ireland for the last 11 years and in recent months it more akin to being a bad dream. I do not see as many smiling happy children as I once did. The kids now look annoyed and their eyes have lost a certain sparkle to them. I travel to the USA, UK Europe and I see the same empty and sad epressions all over now.

People I know who have health problems from migranes, heart issues to cancers to disabilities all see to be getting worse and worse. Health problems are everywhere. Depression and sucide seems to be just exploding. It deeply saddens me as it's happening to a lot of good people I care about.

There is a dark showdow moving across the world. I am not sure what it is, what's causing it or how it will pan out. But I would imagine the feeling is similar to what it must of felt like reading the newspapers in central Europe in 1937/38.

Whatever "it" is, "It's" coming fast and I use everything from meditation, bonding with nature and especially my art to keep me focussed, aware and away from the TV and newspapers and on what really matters and what will ease the journey.

Ironically I am for the most part the most internally content I have been in my life since I realised what a joke our so called world economy and society is and how it does not REALLY matter.

That's the most upsetting thing of all. The escape to a better life is there for all if they just switch off that TV and take a deep breath and look around them.

Bruce said...

Hi Alex, Spot on, you dangerous person, you. Some things "we" don't know. Perhaps also, being who we're unborn to be may help. Perhaps we're already in the next realm, never left it. It seems that we can go directly to the Center of Peace any time, and the world of form will continue its perfect reflection of consciousness, maybe not "Planet Earth," but, yes, let's keep our eyes open. Blessings

manawa said...

brilliant. thanks, bud

z3rocool said...

wow man... i was needing to read that.. all the way from scotland.. see u in the "end"

Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with you.

Trade Mark said...

I was on TV once---Stood on it to change a light bulb - thats About all its good for.

I live in my Home town area right now. Most the people stay asleep all day and dream all night about being awake around here. I say a-round but its actually quite square. Everything is square, round or triangle with a few variations here and there. The roads are one long square that comes to a crusifix, pitch fork or a dead end. Come to think of it its pretty dead all the time, even on Sunday.

They have built recently quite a few Round abouts to help with the traffic congestion. They went about it in around about way so the tax payer would x mark the ballot box, yet another crusifix.

Stop by and visit some time. All the gas stations have the same price gas now. Used to be a several cent differance on just one junction between three stations now they all have the same bland choice.

Dont drink the Water. They rehash the sewage water here for drink and scholls get thrice the flouride the households do. Big sign by the creeks posted by the water compony asking folks to turn in poluters of the water. I called the other day and reported them to them self. All the fish have died and wild life has moved into condo's I guess.

Still a few birds ---I got two of them for the towns people

Well gotta go---Got some geneticly modified air to breath. I wont except nothing but the best.

Peace be with you

Tomislav said...

well said sir!
alot of crazy stuff is going down, and yeah its getting a little orwellian.
I live in a capital city, pray for me! =)

Anonymous said...

Youre right. I know the feeling. Its like Im starring in the movie Idiocracy. The debauchery of the youth is complete.

Anonymous said...

In social settings the maximum impact comes from calmness and a warm smile. Anger, bullhorns, and placards have a place, just not here.

If they call you names, chuckle and return a smile. See them as victims. The enemy has lying smoothness down to a science. We have truth. The enemy knows that instinct believes the calm side regardless of evil intent.

People aren't seeking facts, but reading personalities. They're mapping which Tavistock-implanted psychological/political frames to use. That's how they "think," and it's nutty, but they can't help it, so anger is pointless. Throw in some NLP, and these drones live on autopilot. Your first hurdle is the template.

The template/slide that the enemy claims is "calm academic expert" which contrasts "crazy loon" so shift that ground under them. Beside the fake left/right templates, these two are all they have. Stay calm. Be of good humor. Small pamphlets or DVDs in a hip pocket or fanny pack can do your talking for you. Forget personal dialog when their ego is on public display. Wrong time, wrong place. Let them take materials home, where in private, egos can adjust without public humiliation.

Remeber, it's hard to accept the truth after generations of lies; don't compound ego challenges and threat displays. Think to yourself "I am calmer than Henry Kissinger but serve truth, and this victim needs me without knowing it, so I will help" - and win.

muzuzuzus said...

an update :

we are always changing. I am currently looking at the UFO phenomena. I was inspired to do this after fining this amazing video talk --search it at Youtube: Ananda Bosman Hadronics
& Entheogens

I completely agree with him that the fields of UFOlogy and psychedelics must be brought together, because it is very important we begin exploring what consciousness means

A brief example of a recurring pattern I see:
OK, you got the dumbing down of children via so-called 'education' (at Youtube key in: John Taylor Gatto on Education, and you'll find him being interviewed by Alex Jones. It is a GREAT interview);
you got the suppression, and propaganda against our understanding and experience of psychedelics and/or sacred plants/medicine;

And you got the suppression and propaganda about UFOs, and 'ETs', and serious intellegent debate about all of that, ESPECIALLY (from both sides, UFOlogists, and psychedelics researchers, about bringing the subjects together. Decompartmentalization)

So all these 'taboo' areas are CLUES for further explorations is what I mean ;)

cyndya. said...