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Monday, December 14, 2009


We are viewing reality through a telescope. This telescope is our body. We were never born. We just are consciousness, looking through the lens. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

It's about perception.

Lets use a brick as an example.

Your standing their looking at the brink

and you take ten steps back its a house

step back again its a neighborhood

step back far back enough its the planet

step back some more your in another part of the solar system

It's about the point of observation.

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Cabz said...

One need only look for "TRUTH", no need for 'out of body' de-attenuation.

Let me laundry list reasons to be 'hopeful':

1. GMO crops. These things apparently aren't so pest-hardened as they claim. In fact, they require *MORE* pesticides than your average standard-variety crops. They are also very demanding of fertilizer, requiring much more than the average standard-variety. Oh, and they've been cross-pollinating pure strains for ~15 year, resulting in mutant crop strains that are degenerate, and for the most part worthless (but can the multi-national conglomerates now claim *these* crops are protected under their bogus patents, as well?). As a final note, these GMO crops are more likely to COMPLETELY fail due to their genetic faults, than their average standard-variety counterparts.

2. Exponential breeding. Anything beyond 2 children in a family is exponential growth. Ever since 1910, the population has been exponentially doubling every 40 years. 1910 - 1 billion, 1940 - 2 billion, 1970 - 4 billion, 2010 - 8 billion, 2050 - 16 billion... You get the picture, it's not maintainable growth...

3. EU-manufactured herbicides, banned in EU, but still used in US. Namely, atrazine. It's been found to convert male species to females in many 'creatures'. Ever wonder why all your kids are female? There's a good reason the Chinese limit their population (used to be 1 kid, now 2), and why they toss the girls to the wayside...

4. Clearcutting of the last remaining forest on the planet, namely the Amazon. 30% is already gone, and all will be clear-cut within about 30-70 years. China had some 'pure' forests, but managed to cut them all down in the last 10 years.

5. Global warming. LOL, I don't think so - I'd call this one 'atmospheric thinning' (boiling off of the atmosphere). It's CO2 related, to be sure. Expect hotter dryer summers, and colder dryer winters.

6. Lack of 'pure' water on the planet. This is already starting to have serious consequences on every single food-crop grown on the planet. Glacier melts are slowing, and little is left to melt. Southern landmasses are becoming deserts (CA), and the northern ones are taking on properties of those, thousands of miles south, as they were 10 years ago...

7. Exponential consumption of limited natural resources (back to 4. clearcutting). Slave labor in 3rd world nations (prolly should call them [Mexico/China/Inda] 2nd world) now produce everything we devour in a ravenous manner. In fact, we've also stolen all their assets through multi-national conglomerates that take their trees and mining products. We send militia in as well (iraq/afghanistan/pakistan/south america/etc/etc), to steal even more of what's not ours.

8. ... (more endless drivel) ...